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The Netherlands

Photography lives like never before and I want to show that in my work.

I have been active for more than 14 years in the photography scene and lmake my living from it for about 9 years now.

The Canon 300d was my first digital SLR camera and from there this passion started. What teaches you to see the world differently through the eye of a lens.

I have remained true to Canon and added Sony as a brother in my workflow. 

In addition, I have a height tripod that allows me to shoot 8.5meters high. Good to use in places where you can not or can not fly with a drone. If 8.5 meters is not high enough, a drone is also available.

I work with mobile flashlight and can imitate the photostudio in nature so i can keep the light under control at all times. Also with bright sunlight or just at dawn.

Do you want to hire me as a photographer? Fill in the form. Usually I answer the question within 24 hours.

Watch the video for a small introduction.

More then 250 reviews on Facebook with a average rating of 4.7 


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